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BEGAN: 1970


CLUB:  Programs for all levels of swimmer with some of the top best youth coaches in British Columbia

HOME ARENA: Centennial Pool at Aggie Park




FACEBOOK: click here 


CLUB MANTRA:  To provide an environment for the development of personal discipline and improvement through the encouragement of regular attendance, punctuality for practices, and to learn to win and to lose with pride and grace.

Teach children of all ages the sport of swimming, to develop a good competitive attitude, give the children goals to set and strive for, and to have fun.  In addition to swim training, our swimmers are also provided with additional training opportunities outside of the pool.  Health and wellness and a wholesome lifestyle are at the core of our program.  Swimmers learn about strength development using own body weight, short speed effort through agility exercise, water safety and movement skills, basic swimming skills – all strokes, turns, starts.

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